Every company needs some visual representation. You can’t use stock photos forever – so why not get content whipped up from SQRE Media? Got a new product you want to put out on your social media? We’ll send down one of our photographers to snap the most professional lookin’ pictures you’ve ever seen. Need video stuff? We’ve got that too. From shooting, to editing, we’ll bring you a polished finished product that you can use for all your campaigns from print, TV, or digital marketing. This content is important to keeping your brand tailored to you. We’ll help show the world how wonderful you really are.



People say that a picture says a thousand words – well, why not just say it if you’ve got a message to share. Videography can capture the atmosphere of your business – whether you want to show your fun and relaxed vibe or your hard-working employees, this way people can see it for themselves. Seeing and hearing from the business owner and employees builds a level of trust AND gets a ton of engagement online. People love to see the people behind the business, and we’ll show you off to everyone.

Video Work



This ain’t your cousins high school photography project – this is your business and that means you want it done right. Photography is more than just the camera quality. We have plenty experience shooting food, products and people. When it comes to photos – leave it to the professionals and put your I-phone down.

Photo Work


Let’s start making stuff!