Stuff About Us.


Union Square Advertising is a web design and marketing agency based out of Long Island, New York that knows the secret recipe to craft branding.

We specialize in creating visually-stunning and wonderfully impressive websites, graphics, and marketing strategies to help your business succeed, grow, and thrive both on the web and off. Our skilled team works closely with your business to guarantee a maximum return of investment, and we approach every project with love, respect, passion, and a little bit of obsession.

We love what we do, where we do it, and how we do it. We don’t greet work on Monday morning with a groan, with greet it with a smile and a hug. We have decades of combined experience and are the best at what we do. We are not your average creative agency, which is why we don’t act like one.

What Makes Us Tick

At Union Square Advertising, we set ourselves apart from the crowd in the ways that we perform the work we love. We don’t believe every job is about the paycheck, we know the reward is in building relationships with our clients. We treat our projects like they are our children- and in doing so, develop and deliver some of the best work available on Long Island and beyond. We believe in the collaborative experience- not just among our own team- but with our clients. You have the final say in how your business is portrayed online. We just guide you in the right direction.

Our customer-support is unparalleled in the industry, and we always pick up the phone. Whether it’s a simple text edit, or a complete overhaul of a site we’ve already built, we are fast, reliable, and responsive to your needs. We don’t believe projects are ever finished- they can always be improved upon, and there is always work that can be done. Just because your site goes live doesn’t mean we cut ties, in fact, we hope to extend them.

Our Strengths

We know how to handle every aspect of what your business needs to succeed. From the bottom-up, we have the know-how to build you a brand that not only makes a statement, but says it loud enough for the world to hear.

Our skill set helps us deliver craft branding- every project is different, and our approach reflects that. We love what we do, we want you to love it, too.

Join us online or in person and we promise you won’t regret the experience. For more information, give us a call at 631-235-7651.


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Our Process

Start your web design and marketing project by calling in.

You Call In.

We pick up the phone and rejoice. Little do you know, you’re making the best decision of your career.

The gang gathers round and we get cooking.

We All Get Together.

Your place or our place, it doesn’t matter. The meeting is the meat of our process.

Your project truly starts being prepared.

Brand Conceptualization

We put all of our best ingredients on the cutting board and get choppin’. Branding is like a great recipe.

We start designing our best for you.

Logo Mockups

Before we really get cooking, we check with you and your team that our ideas suit your palate.

Web design beings on your project.

Web Design & Development

Our designers and developers lob ideas back and forth across the office like a nerdy game of badminton until everything is just right.

We take quite a few coffee breaks.

Coffee Break

There’s actually a lot more of these than our timeline would lead you to believe. Yes, we’ve looked into getting help.

Everything gets tied together.

Brand Consistency

Social media, email marketing, print design; they’re all served as perfectly paired side dishes to the main dish: your business’s success.

Your site goes live. Our dish is prepared

We Go Live

At launch, your brand takes off with unparalleled aplomb. Time to dig in and enjoy.

The project is done, and none of us could be happier.

Your Brand is Ready for Dinner

Succeeding online gets easier. You make money and pop bottles of champagne in celebration. Everyone dances.

People Who Make Stuff

Michael Delrosso


Leader of the pack, one-time mayoral candidate, possible Jedi. What can’t be said about our boss at arms? Mike has been churning out beautiful projects and helping his clients succeed since before the turn of the century, and his vast experience has turned Union Square Advertising into an industry leader.

Conor Mulvaney

Web Developer

With over a decade of experience working with with the languages of the web, Conor has a masterful understanding of how to make the Internet a more beautiful place. While he’s caused us to up our coffee budget significantly, he’s been a wonderful addition to our team.

Mark Biviano

Social Media

Coming to Union Square with a strong background in social media marketing and brand management- Mark perfectly captures each brand, every time. Interacting with client’s customers, Mark is on the front lines of growing craft brands.

Jessica Signorello

Graphic Design

The latest addition to our team, Jessica brings a combined education in visual communications and business management to Union Square Advertising. As a designer and illustrator, her vision has helped our clients hone their brands. Just don’t get her started on bitmap.

The Baby

Court Jester

Part-time office manager, part-time morale booster, and part-time cat, the Baby is the heart of what we do. If Union Square Advertising has a spirit animal, it would certainly be the Baby.

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