Digital Marketing.

Just what is digital marketing?

Face it: we live in an age of computers, smart phones, and endless connected social networks. Where people once flicked through the Sunday circulars and the phone book to make plans and secure services, people now check Google and Yelp reviews. They trust and value the opinions of their friends and family- who now, thanks to social media, are more accessible than ever before. Marketing no longer stops at the printed page- instead it exists in the pockets and on the screens of the customers you want to reach. In today’s world, a business with a weak, untended, and poorly manicured online presence is seen no differently than a brick and mortar with a crooked sign and boarded up storefront.

Digital Marketing is where the solution comes in to play. While a necessary factor, having a website is a critical first part to any digital marketing strategy- it is truly only the beginning. Your website can be stunning, unique, and well-crafted- especially when designed by Union Square Advertising- but if people don’t know how or where to find it, and how to interact with it after the fact- all that hard work will have been for nothing. Digital marketing exists in your customers inboxes, on their timelines, and in their search engine results. Combine all three and you’re sure to succeed.

How Union Square Advertising handles online marketing

Putting your current strategy, or lack thereof, under our magnifying glass helps us identify exactly how we can help your business succeed online. After meeting with you and getting an understanding of your business’s existing branding, we help you communicate that brand and all it has to say, as loudly as it can say it, across the world wide web.

  1. Identify:

    Where does your business succeed online? How can it do better? Where are you falling short in maintaining an online presence, and how can we help? Who are you trying to reach- what does your ideal customer look like?

  2. Influence:

    By creating a strong brand presence across all major social networks- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more- we can make sure people become familiar with what your business has to say, all the while using language that your customers will best understand in order to help your business grow with clicks and likes and follows. We tackle search engines head first- helping you develop and roll out content that your consumers not only want to see, but that search engines will want to rank. We don’t believe that Search Engine Optimization is one big popularity contest- we believe it is about who can tell the best story.

  1. Engage:

    Through the development of onsite content like a regularly updated blog, as well as a website that reflects the latest design and marketing trends and standards, we’ll help you not only reach- but interact with your clients. With email marketing services to drive consumers further “down funnel”, we’ll help you not only generate leads- but convert them into customers.

  2. Measure:

    One of the largest highlights of digital marketing is that it can be measured. We monitor every aspect of the work we do, so that we can double down on the digital strategies that work and nix that ones that don’t. This accountability saves your business time, money, and ultimately only leads to growth. We measure, analyze, and act to best serve your business’s goals.

How We Can Encourage Your Digital Growth

Social Media Marketing

Clicks, likes, follows, shares… social media management and marketing can often seem like an insurmountable task. With different sized media and flyers, different character limits, and different ways of advertising expressed across every platform, social media marketing is not to be taken lightly. It may even seem like an impossible task to generate a lead off from a Facebook status or a Twitter tweet- and it can be when managed poorly. Our social media experts (read: millennial staff members) will not only help your business grow, but thrive on your customer’s news feeds and blog rolls.

Email Marketing

There’s a saying in the realm of digital marketing: “Never buy an email list.” The industry titans of email marketing have long regarded this as our one and only truth. Or maybe it’s a saying we just made up. Regardless, email marketing strategy involves engaging leads and potential clients, and through carefully managed, monitored, and targeted campaigns, converting them into actual clients. Through careful content development- and strong branding- people will actually want to interact with your business- and email is just one of the ways they’ll want to sign up.

Search Engine Marketing

When it comes to search engine marketing for sites like Google and Bing, we often ask ourselves, “what do you get the man that has everything?” Simply enough, you deliver informative, well-written content and a strong presence on social media and he’ll be more than happy to usher you to the top of the rankings. Search engine optimization, commonly abbreviated as SEO, is about more than adwords and pay-per-click campaigns- it is about curating an online presence strong enough that the social media blockbusters determine you are answering the questions people are inevitably asking. Part prediction, part analytics, and part creativity- SEO is no small feat. With Union Square Advertising on your team, you’ll be able to navigate the bewildering world of Search Engine Marketing.


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