Long Island’s Professional Photography Pros

You dim the lights, set the entrĂ©e on the plate or the product on display, pull our your smart phone and snap a quick picture. A little bit of visual editing to add some sharpness, an Instagram filter, and a quick click to share on Facebook, and you’ve added to your business’s stunning photography portfolio, right? If you answered yes, you would be wrong.

Unfortunately, this is the attitude many business’s take when it comes to photography their business and what it has to offer. While developing a social portfolio like Instagram is certainly an important part to building a strong online presence, and camera technology in our phones and tablets has advanced a number of degrees in recent years, professional photography is still the best way to visually show off everything your brand can offer.

What Set Our Snapshots Apart

Visually stunning photography with a professional composition- lighting, arrangement, focal length- sets our client’s work above the competition. Our photographers only work with the highest quality cameras to ensure every shot is taken with cutting edge modernity and excellence. We believe that collaboration is key- at every angle of a project- so even our photographers work closely with our designers and developers to maintain your branding image.

This focus on branding, and on the story of your business is what distinguishes us from other commercial photography agencies on Long Island and beyond. Every photoshoot is treated with strategy from the get-go, and every picture taken is part of a complex storyboard. We prepare our clients and their business to look their best before we begin- and our concepts are always designed to tie in to your existing or new marketing strategies.


What are you waiting for? Snap your first picture with Union Square Advertising today.