Print Design.

Your Brand on Paper

At Union Square Advertising, we are, in spirit, and Internet agency. We have the know-how and the playbook for helping businesses succeed on and across the web, but we also understand that what makes a brand excel extends beyond cyberspace. A well-crafted printed design helps to contribute to your brand’s image- while a beautiful website may entice potential customers to walk into your business- a solid print design strategy is what invites them to stay. This relationship works inversely as well- visually stunning print materials can drive new, untapped leads to your website to drive sales, engagement, and overall, long-term profit.

Print Design Done Right

One of the key ingredients in all of our recipes for success is collaboration. When we design anything- a menu, a flyer, a photoshoot, or a website, we communicate openly across our departments and with our clients to ensure every aspect of a branding strategy synchs in with the next. That means when your website uses this font and that color and these textures, your print material matches. Your customers will enjoy sharing the same experience across all the platforms your business is on- driving engagement across all of them.

Our Print Design Specialties

More than logo or menu or flyer design, an array of branded print materials are critical in creating a stunning, memorable experience for your customers.

At Union Square Advertising, we excel at a number of areas of printed design, and no project is too big or too small:

  • Menus/Table Tents/Menu Boards
  • Business cards (even non-traditional!)
  • Flyers and promotional materials for events
  • Grand opening event invitations
  • Posters
  • Banners/signs
  • Window decals/lead-ins
  • Billboards
  • Comment cards/stickers
  • Print advertising in newspapers and circulars

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