Amity Ales

The collaboration of veteran bar & restaurant owners John & Helen Corry along with financial experts Bruno & Daisy Surace resulted in the unique, rustic decor at Amity Ales Brewpub. An authentic 1860’s barn was purchased, and all the wood was reclaimed and used throughout the space. Our very talented and good friends took down the barn board by board. Each piece was prepared and cut to specification so these authentic pieces of history could be brought back to life in Amityville. Amity Ales Brewpub proudly brews its own beer. Our flagship “Bunker Ale” is a perfect blend of malt and hops used to create a perfect American Pale Ale. We brew throughout the year and are excited to serve our seasonal varieties as well as our constant “Bunker”, “Lawn Mower”, and “Hoppy Wheat”. Our seasonal selections include: Pumpkin, Octoberfest, Irish Stout, Christmas Ale, Summer, and Brown Ale. Be on the lookout though, we always love to experiment using new recipes and ingredients!

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A unique restaurant in the heart of Amityville that brews its own beer- we wanted to capture one of our favorite aspects of Amity Ales while brewing their website.

Built and decorated with reclaimed wood from a decommissioned and defunct 1806’s barn, we took this a step further and incorporated wood-grain textures into their website.

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