Flex Events HQ

Flex Events was created to bring together people who want to share their love of fitness, health and an active lifestyle.

The company holds functional fitness competitions around the country to find the fittest teams in the nation. Our events provide the fittest athletes with a forum to distinguish themselves through outstanding performances during competition.

While competition is a key element of all Flex Events, our primary focus is and always will be community. We give people a way to celebrate their pursuit of fitness and make new friends at the same time. Essentially, this is a culture and lifestyle.
Flex Events is committed to providing a memorable and long lasting experience for the athletes, sponsors, vendors and spectators who wish to be part of this culture.

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Flex Events is all about motion, strength, and flexing with friends. A Cross-Fit based event, Flex HQ runs a number of events across the country every year.

With a ticket system customized that allow athletes, vendors, and spectators to sign up for the event in advanced and a website that translates their brand through animated elements, Flex HQ’s crafted brand shines through on the web.

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