Village Idiot Irish Pub

The Village Idiot is located on Montauk Highway in Oakdale, New York. A sister company to The Village Idiot in Patchogue, the Oakdale has a totally different personality. Adorned with decor of an authentic Irish Pub, The Village Idiot (Oakdale) thrives on the blue collar middle class every day workman. This is a place for good local conversation, delicious bar food, domestic beer, and sports.

Conceptualized in 2013 after the success of the Patchogue location, The Village Idiot in Oakdale was formed to expand concept to the locals. Want to grab a nice cold one after a long day’s work? Check. Looking to watch your favorite football, baseball, basketball, or hockey team? Check. Or just need a place to go on a weekend to have dinner? The Village Idiot has you covered.

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The Village Idiot Irish Pub was in need of a website to match their high-energy, fun-minded brand. Capitalizing on the greens and oranges of their Irish theme, the VIIP website was built with the original VIP web site design in mind to help boost brand unity, all while giving it a unique feel all its own.

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