PR & Consulting.

No More “Failures to Launch”

Sometimes opening a new restaurant can feel worse than sailing uncharted waters- without a compass no less. Scary, daunting, and seemingly impossible, building a brand on your own leaves you with your work cut out for you. But with Union Square Advertising at the helm of your ship, you’re sure to steer clear of any unsighted icebergs.

Creative brand consultations are the key to all of our services- we know what work bests, when it work bests, and why it works best- and we are happy to share this information with you in order to help your brand grow.

Lost for ideas regarding the next big event or anxious to celebrate your business on a weekly or monthly basis? With help from Union Square Advertising and our event planning, coordination, and management services- your restaurant will be the next big thing.

How We Manage Your Brand

  1. Direct Marketing:

    While many of today’s marketing strategies include a strong online presence, sometimes a more classic approach is necessary to building your relationship with the public. Careful press and radio advertisement can go a long way with the right creative agency on your side.

  2. Crisis Management:

    We understand: sometimes, life happens. Staff makes mistakes, a critic gives a bad review- or you have a Chipotle-scale e.coli pandemic.. with our crisis intervention services, save your brand AND its image.

  3. Media Relations:

    Bad press is one thing, no press is a whole other animal. Our PR team will make the phone calls, send the emails, and write the letters necessary to help your brand gain exposure where it counts.

What’s the hold up? Learn Union Square Advertising’s Tricks to the Trade.