Restaurants & Events.

Why Isn’t Branding on the Menu?

We get it. As a restaurant owner, sometimes it seems like the entire world is stacked against you. You are ultimately responsible for the management, the chefs, the waiters, the bussers, and the bar keep- there are simply not enough hours in the day to manage every aspect of your business- especially not if you’d like to pile on the added responsibilities of an online and offline marketing strategy, and branding plan, and great website management.

With decades of experience working with and in the food industry, we truly understand how difficult managing every online facet of your business can be. If you bring the name, we’ll bring the game plan, the recipe book, and the insider secrets to helping your restaurant get off the ground.

The Recipe to Success

  1. Mise en Place:

    Food fanatics know this term inside the kitchen- but how does it apply off the line? We believe that by putting everything in its place- the tools and ingredients you’ll need to excel online, the stress of doing so is eased. Union Square Advertising is your personal success chef- our services the ingredients- and our strategies the recipe.

  2. Identity:

    What do you want your restaurant to tell your customers.

  3. Diffuse:

    Once we’ve set off discovering who you are and where’d you like your business to go, we takeoff for launch. Through sharing and spreading your brand across all channels- including both print advertising and social media- we excite your consumers into working with you before they’ve even stepped in the door, and once they have, we help you give them a reason to stay.

How we can help develop your brand

As we mentioned earlier, building a brand is more than just the design of a fancy logo. It is the thought behind what that logo stands for and how we can vocalize those thoughts in every aspect of your business.

When it comes to brand strategy, Union Square Advertising incorporates a number of services to give your business a one-up on the competition:

  • Logo Development
  • Personalized Email Templates
  • Branded social media profiles
  • Web design
  • Custom menu and media development
  • Flyer and advertisement design

What are you waiting for? Start your project with Union Square Advertising today.