The world of marketing is always changing,
we keep up so you don’t have to.

In today’s world, a business with a weak, untended, and poorly manicured online presence is seen no differently than a brick and mortar with a crooked sign and boarded up storefront.

Reviewing your current strategy, or lack thereof, under our magnifying glass helps us identify exactly how we can help your business succeed online. After meeting with you and getting an understanding of your business’s existing branding, we can help you communicate your brand and all it has to say, as loudly as it can say it, across all platforms.

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At Union Square Advertising, we’ve concocted the perfect recipe for successful marketing. But just like any great recipe, each ingredient is essential to get the optimal result. Scroll down to explore the marketing practices weput in place for each of our clients:



print advertisements

Even though we're in the digital age, we'll be the first to say it - print isn't dead! There's never any harm in getting the word out through print ads and with our various relationships in the print publication industry, we know how to get you the best results with print advertising.

promotional flyers & brochures

Every customer likes something they can take home with them and when they happen to see your flyer, brochure or poster on their kitchen table - they'll be thinking about your business. Union Square only works with the most reliable, high quality printers in order to assure the best possible product is delivered every single time.

TRADITIONAL MEDIA advertisements

Just how print isn't dead - neither is traditional media. Tons of demographics are still watching TV and listening to the radio. Let's make sure they hear about you. Our experience with traditional media advertisers is extensive and allows us to navigate you through the process easily and effectively every time.




Instagram, Facebook, Google, Twitter and countless more. We know the ins and outs of all of them and they're the recipe for getting your name out there. Our team will build social schedules for you to review so you’re in the loop when it comes to what’s being posted and when. We’ll also be on top of your social media, engaging with people and businesses in your area to drive even more attention to your posts and profile.


When you have a business, you know all about Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook, etc. It’s important to respond to those reviews (both positive and negative) to show customers that you care. We’ll monitor these platforms and post responses to show your brands consistent engagement. Plus, for those posts that are a little too personal or fabricated? We’ll get them removed. Sometimes people suck and you've got enough shit going on. Let us handle it.


Everyone has an email - even the ones who don't use social media. We’ll help you build email lists of customers and send out emails each week to keep it consistent. These emails will bring customers right over to your website and promote events to make sure everyone knows what you’ve got going on. No matter what’s happening – we’ll get the word out for you.


When you’re promoting your brand, getting your name out in the digital space is HUGE. We’ll create ad campaigns to get your business out there AND any events or deals that you’ve got going on. With these ads, we can target your core demographic and even draw in new demographics so you can expand your audience even more. We want everyone to know who you are!



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With a wide array of practices and an experienced team of marketing masters, Union Square is fit for any task you send our way.