Google My Business 101

The way we use the internet and social media is constantly changing; from where we post, how we post, and what we post, there’s always something new to drive engagement to your social profiles. The newest way to reach your audiences, both new and returning, is Google My Business. Posting on this platform helps not only to bring your business to top of the search results page, but also brings people through your door.

Google just recently introduced the use of searchable shortnames which acts as your handle on Google. Users will be able to search these handles to find your business so creating a shortname that matches your other social profiles will make it the easiest way for your guests to find you. Since posting just twice a week on each businesses Google My Business (GMB) pages, along with making events for anything upcoming at your restaurant (I.E. Mother’s Day brunches, 4th of July parties, fundraisers, etc…), we’ve already seen the number of Google searches increase.

On top of reaching new audiences, GMB users can follow your page and receive exclusive offers that are only available to people who follow your page. The offers can’t be seen unless they follow the page, creating an incentive to help drive traffic to the Google pages. Another feature that they recently introduced is the way your photos will be displayed along with your logo at the top right corner of the page. This creates a visual conversation with guests who find you on Google or directly search your business.

Google makes it easy to see your insights in weekly, monthly, and quarterly breakdowns on information such as how many searches you’ve received, how people are searching for you, the amount of direction requests, phone calls, and website clicks you’ve gotten through Google, and more. All of this information can be found through the Insights tab on each GMB page.

Using Google to find a place to eat is a no brainer, whether it’s to find directions to your favorite spot or looking up a new place to try out, so it only makes sense that using Google’s social platform is all the buzz right now. What are you waiting for? Go claim your Google My Business page and make sure you’re utilizing all of the features they have to offer – there’s a whole new audience waiting to be reached!


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