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Alright, if you’re a restaurant lookin’ for marketing help then we’ve got a lot to taco’ bout. When you partner with us, your restaurant becomes an extension of Union Square Advertising and we’ll represent you using everything we’ve got from our marketing arsenal. We get it. As a restaurant owner, sometimes it seems like the entire world is stacked against you. You are ultimately responsible for the management, the chefs, the waiters, the bussers, and the bar keep- there are simply not enough hours in the day to manage every aspect of your business- especially not if you’d like to pile on the added responsibilities of an online and offline marketing strategy, and branding plan, and great website management. With years of experience working with and in the food industry, we truly understand how difficult managing every online facet of your business can be. When we partner up we’ll bring the game plan, the recipe book, and the insider secrets to help market your restaurant.

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FOR restaurant MARKETING

At Union Square Advertising, we’ve concocted the perfect recipe for successful marketing. But just like any great recipe, each ingredient is essential to get the optimal result. Scroll down to explore the marketing practices weput in place for each of our clients:



Your restaurant is all about the tasty food you’re serving up. And that’s awesome! But we’ll help you keep every other aspect of your brand consistent! We make sure you have a brand persona that spans across all platforms, market to your key demographic and make sure it’s all consistent. With us, your restaurant branding will be fully cohesive. From the inhouse flyers and menus, all the way to the way we engage with your customers online.

Brand Reputations


If you own a restaurant, then you've got enough shit going on. We'll handle the good, the bad and the ugly on Yelp, Google, OpenTable and more. Wherever there are reviews, we'll be there to respond professionally and on brand.



A restaurants website is a little different than most and we happen to be experts. Got events going on? We’ll post them. Need your menus or your hours updated? We’ll handle it for you. When we’re working on your website, we’ll also make sure your website is ADA compliant and able to be easily accessed on every platform



The need for high quality printed materials is still very much alive. The look at feel of your menu is huge for customers and the table tents, flyers and more around your restaurant need to be on brand. We'll tie it all together with quality graphic design in both the print and digital hemisphere to make sure you're set up for success.



People. love. looking. at. food. We know this. You know this. People want to see the cheese pulls, the desserts, the jam-packed burgers. They see it - they'll want to eat it. We’ll send our crew down to your restaurant regularly to make sure your Instagram and Facebook feeds are lookin’ fresh and snap photos that will have everyone online talking about your food.

Video Production

Video Production

Through video, we can show off the atmosphere of your restaurant so you can show it off to your audience. Have a high-end vibe? Let's show off your dining room and all the customers enjoying their meal. Have a party place? We'll show off the party to get everyone who sees it want to swing by and join in on the fun. Our crew is always ready to film and we’ll swing by regularly to keep your videos fresh and new.

Our Clients


At Union Square Advertising, we offer the best marketing solutions for our clients in the hospitality industry. See for yourself!